E&G DBSO (Pt2)

First announced back in 2013 these models have for a variety of reasons been a long time coming.  Personally, I think it’ll have been well worth the wait.  Whilst they are still at the pre-production stage  (these photo’s show the first “Engineering Prototypes”) it is clear that Bachmann have not only moved up a gear in terms of attention to detail but in doing so have also captured the look of these uniquely Scottish vehicles especially at the cab end.


Although these vehicles were converted from plain Mark 2f BSO’s the conversion and the additional equipment involved made them quite unique, and Bachmann have captured all of the changes that were made to the vehicles well.  That is despite the fact that none of the remaining DBSO’s are in the original 1979/1980 condition having been considerably modified twice since then.

* Before anyone goes off the deep end picking out the errors and omissions, these are the 1st engineering prototypes from the factory in China and these are being addressed by Bachmann prior to the next development stage



It’s been a long time since carriages were considered by the manufacturers as just something to tag onto the back of a locomotive and no longer will just the shape and a quick generic approximation of the bogies and underframe equipment do.  The general modelling public expects that any new release  will have just as much accuracy and attention to detail as the latest locomotive release.  This, as you would expect comes at a cost and these models won’t be particularly cheap but in return you get a wealth of detail and accuracy that has been previously unseen in RTR coaching stock, and that’s without mentioning the working tail & head lamps and individually sectioned working interior lights. (personal opinion of course – your mileage may vary)!.

MK2F 3 Car Rake Lit

Many thanks to Bachmann UK for permission to use these photographs.  For further details of these and the other Mark 2f vehicles being produced by Bachmann see here..

P.S. In the usual Web Forum rush to find faults, no one picked up two relatively unseen but unique features of the DBSO correctly modelled in the form of Disc Brake cheek discs on the wheels and the A.W.S. receiver bracket at the rear of the bogie… Now that is attention to detail.


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