Let the train take the strain…

Good old B.R. they thought of everything for the sleeping car passenger in the 1960s – a wee mouse shaped clip on which to hang your fob watch or a trinket tray for your wristwatch and wallet (and subsequently forget about and lose), a heating & ventilation system that either left you sweating or freezing and as it seemed at times with nothing in between, and of course somewhere to plug in your Remington shaver.

Should during the night one be so indisposed that you were unable to visit the regular on-board “facilities”, British Railways kindly supplied the proverbial piss pot and of course a way of disposing of the evidence. Clearly what none of the designers foresaw was just how they’d actually be be used and after a short time it was found that the waste pipes were not up to job (much to the annoyance of the maintenance staff who had to clear up the mess.   As a result a small notice was by the summer of 1960 affixed to the self-flushing “pot de chambre” cabinets in each berth.

Whether or not it had the desired effect is anyone’s guess.

Let the train take the strain….



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