Will ye no come back again?

E&G001Sold at Edinburgh Waverley in the Mid 1980s – needless to say those sold at Glasgow Queen Street were suitably re-worded “The best thing about Glasgow …the Edinburgh Train” much to the hilarity of my Edinburgh born wife of course…

47703 “Saint Mungo”


2 thoughts on “Will ye no come back again?

  1. Hi Bob-65b
    I am completing a book on the Montrose and Bervie Railway to be published by the CRA/Lightmoor in the summer. On your RMWeb page on the line you have a very nice sunny view of one of the overbridges. Is this yours, and if so can iI have your permission to use it? I also need a higher def view of it, say 2000pixells on the longest side at least.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Not a problem if I can dig up the original – I’ll get in touch via your email address later today as I probably have a fair bit of other info on it’s (very) early history that might be of help to you.

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