Introducing Broomloan Yard

You can take the boy out of Glasgow……

Max Stafford's Kennel

You may have noted I’ve made mention of a project I’m thinking about lately, so finally I’m going to bring my ideas out into the open and tell you a bit about the Broomloan Yard concept.


(Photo courtesy of Urban Glasgow Forum)

Based to some degree on the erstwhile yard at Govan (a quaint fishing village on the Clyde), Broomloan occupies the approximate location that Govan did in the real world, with a few adjustments to suit my own needs. Essentially, Govan yard existed to serve the adjoining shipyards and associated industries and was originally built by the Glasgow and South Western Railway. There was also a passenger station at Govan but this was an early victim of Glasgow Corporations electric tramways. I’m still mulling over my intentions here.

Nearby was the extensive Princes Dock complex which was served off the Govan Branch but a line operated jointly by the…

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