An early start from Glasgow

One advantage in modelling the West Highland line, particularly in the 1970s is the relatively compact size of the loco-hauled sets.  To simplify the stock requirements whilst retaining accurate full-sized formations, I’ve chosen to model it as it would have been in July 1971 (Thanks to Robert Carroll’s BR Coaching Stock Group, the original carriage workings covering this period were available)

1S60 on Rannoch Moor 12 May 1970 – Copyright Keith Long

The first departure from Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig was the largest of the day, the set being made up of 9 vehicles, marshalled as follows;

06:00 hrs Glasgow Queen Street to Fort WilliamSet3-1Whilst the first five vehicles were used on Scottish Region internal services, the last four came from foreign shores.  The two sleeping cars and adjacent BCK left London King’s Cross at 19:55 hrs the previous evening attached to the overnight Aberdeen sleeper and after being detached at Edinburgh Waverley were attached to the 04:35hrs to Glasgow along with a second brake, a BSK for Mallaig.  The origin of the CCT is still a mystery at the moment however it was attached at Glasgow Queen Street for the forward working.

Modelling this formation isn’t particularly difficult these days as almost all of the vehicles are available Ready-to-Run however as this blog is about modelling and not lining up my purchases they will require some modification to bring them a bit closer to the 12″ to the foot version.  The coaching stock ‘Blog’ posts for the next while will concentrate on improving the RTR Bachmann Mark 1s starting with the Restaurant / Buffet Cars required for the fleet in particular creating the missing Diagram 24 RB.

1S60 at Monessie Gorge 12 May 1970 – Copyright Keith Long


4 thoughts on “An early start from Glasgow

  1. Bob,

    Nine carriages – five internal and four from further afield. If the five are those to the left of your list, being BSK / CK / RB / TSO / BSK, are the internal service stock then the remainder of the list is at odds with the text. Two or three brakes? The “extra” brake being a BSK or a BCK? Or maybe the 03.45 service included a BSK and a BCK with the BSK left at Glasgow.

    An interesting scenario, hope that you can clarify the Edinburgh – Glasgow portion.

    regards, Graham

    • The BSK in the middle Graham spends it’s day floating between Edinburgh and Mallaig – it’s main purpose being to accompany the London Sleepers in the leg between Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Queen Street. It was attached that morning at the Waverley to the three Eastern Region vehicles (ex-King’s Cross) – the SLF-SLSTP-BCK as part of the 04:35hrs to Glasgow and work up to Fort William & Mallaig on the 06:00hrs. It will return to Glasgow the same day on that nights Sleepers and accompany them as far as Edinburgh Waverley where it’ll be detached and await the same trip up and down the following morning….

      Where the Foreign CCT comes from is a mystery at the moment….



      • Thank you Bob – I had mis-understood the original post and thought that the five “internal” service carriages were waiting at Glasgow for the stock of the 04.35 from Edinburgh. OK – so the BSK / CK / RMB / TSO carriages were at Glasgow waiting for the BSK / SLF / SLSTP / BCK / CCT…where fid those coaches originate?

      • The four vehicles waiting at Queen Street had arrived there the previous evening as part of the 16:15 ex-Fort William. The CCT remains a mystery at the moment till I can pick up a WTT for July 71. It was booked to run each day up to Fort William but with no obvious return working south on the Passenger diagrams. It more than likely returned on a freight / parcels working but I’ve still to tie it down.

        Many thanks,


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