Modern Locomotives Illustrated No.201 Classes 26 & 27

For all of the locomotive classes introduced British Railway one of the most popular, not least for students of BR Scottish Region, has for some reason (in comparison with some other classes) been short of books or magazines dedicated to the BRCW Type 2s…mli201

Modern Locomotives Illustrated however recently published this 79-page “glossy” dedicated to them.   Full of a mix of black & white and colour images of the locomotives from the early days including of the time spent prior to being concentrated on the ScR up to the present “preservation” era.  As far as modelling the Class 26 & 27’s It would certainly be a good help to anyone looking to improve on the excellent base models provided by Heljan.  Whilst there are several of the shots that have been previously seen there appears to be a lot of new content and of particular interest  to me, of them operating on the Edinburgh – Glasgow high-speed service

A potted history is provided though I personally found it had some notable omissions – for example though the photographs were good, you’ll learn more about the changes during the Push & Pull era from Nick Lawford’s ‘One at Each End’ Unfortunately if you didn’t already know any better it could be a bit misleading.

For me, It’s a good enough magazine covering much of the life of the locomotives and has enough in there to justify the cost – treat it however as a primer and do some further digging – especially if like me, you are trying to recreate what a 14-year old lad was seeing & hearing back in 1972 when 2,500hp and six coaches was blasting through your local station…

At some point I’ll be following this up with a few articles on converting the Heljan 27’s into the 27/1’s and 27/2’s and the Bachmann Mk2’s into a push-Pull rake…


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