Mk1 Griddle Car

SC1100 is one of a kind. The last remaining of only three built by BR to Diagram 30 and at the end of there working lives, an almost uniquely Scottish vehicle. Having worked on them I’ve always been minded to build a 7mm scale model of one, but modelling work – especially for other folk like everything else inevitably got in the way. Time to rectify that!

Now whilst there is already a kit in 7mm scale available from Easy-Build it’s a bit basic and would require a fair bit of work to get it up to the standard I’m looking for. For what that standard is, you only have to look at the Mk1 coach kits available from Modern Motive Power. As there’s no kit available with that level of detail, I guess there’s only answer – do it yourself!

The first part of this project will be to model the complete vehicle in full size (on the computer that is), and some work on this has already been done by creating the basic underframe structure – virtual modelling at it’s best! Once complete (there’s quite a bit of framing to add to the underframe yet) it’ll be a not so simple matter of turning them into something that can be produced in 7mm scale in etched brass or nickel silver with the addition of proprietary parts where I can get these and they’re up to the job!

Anyway – here’s two images of the initial underframe assembly work




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