The announcement on the 8th of March of Bachmann UK’s 2013/14 programme brought several items of interest to enthusiasts of BR Coaching Stock not least that of the introduction of the often called for BR Mk2f stock. What was especially interesting to me was that the quite unique to the Scottish Region, Driving Brake Second Open (DBSO) as used on the Edinburgh-Glasgow high speed services from 1979 are to be produced along with the main range.   Having been around and involved with these vehicle since there early days in BREL and later in the Scottish Region CM&EE, but of course on the rather larger 12” to the foot scale version, these are a welcome announcement from Barwell as no doubt for anyone else interested in modelling BR Scottish Region operations (from in this case, 1979 to 1990) and given Bachmann’s attention to detail in recent times, I’ve no doubt they’ll meet the expectations of the majority rather than the few. No longer the need to carve up Airfix Mk2d BSO’s with all it’s inherent flaws…


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